You are invited to watch our Zoom panel

Watch the video here:

Friday, Dec. 4 from 7 to 8:15 pm ET

Zoom panel on "How police and vigilantes operate
to attack and undermine minority groups and
progressive movements in the U.S. and Palestine." 

Speakers will explore how we can support local and national movements in overcoming racism and political repression to achieve basic human rights for all. The panel will include a Kingston, NY BLM activist (Anne Ames), the editor of (Philip Weiss), and a radical feminist, revolutionary member of Black Alliance for Peace (Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture). To register in advance for this Zoom meeting, click on the button above. Sponsored by Jewish Voice For Peace - Hudson Valley, Middle East Crisis Response, NYC Veterans For Peace, US Boats to Gaza, and Women in Black - New Paltz.