Watch the "Losing Our Homes" panel on YouTube

Thursday, Sept. 10 was the date of our Zoom panel on Losing Our Homes: The Destruction of Community, Culture and Identity. In this perfect storm of economic and pandemic crisis, millions of people run the risk of displacement through evictions, foreclosures, gentrification, and ethnic cleansing. Rashida Tyler, Founder of The REAL Kingston Tenants Union and Board Member of Citizen Action of New York, and Talal Jabari, Palestinian journalist and documentary filmmaker, will each make a short statement, including their own personal observations of displacement. We will then open the panel up to questions. To register in advance for this Zoom meeting go to Sponsored by Jewish Voice For Peace - Hudson Valley, Middle East Crisis Response, NYC Veterans For Peace and Women in Black - New Paltz.

Short movies recommended for the Zoom panel:
5 min. on how COVID-19 exposes America’s housing crisis.
-Al Jazeera
2:33 min. on Lebanese camps. Recaps the Nakba, shows the current living conditions, talks briefly about return.
6:14 min. on generations of refugees, Trump administration efforts to erase Palestinian refugees and force a solution.
-Just Vision films
four short films about settler eviction of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.